What to Look For in an Indoor Cycling Bike

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These days, almost everyone is trying to get fit, and most people are looking for an interesting and fun way to do it. Using an indoor cycling bike is a great way to achieve your fitness goals without feeling like it’s too much work. 

One hour on an indoor cycling bike can burn up to 600 calories for an average user. To get the most out of the workout session, it’s essential to have an indoor cycling bike perfect for you.  

Factors to Consider while choosing an Indoor Bike

While getting an indoor cycling bike, it’s essential to consider the following factors.


To choose the best indoor bike, you have to consider your height. Measuring your height from your hip to your foot will help you understand the indoor cycling bike that will be perfect for you. You want to know the inseam length between pedals and the saddle. Thankfully, many indoor cycling bikes have adjustable saddles and handlebars. 

Usually, shorter people tend to have more difficulty finding a suitable and comfortable position on an indoor bike. People a little over five feet should go for a bike with an inseam length over two feet.  


Considering your budget is very important when choosing an indoor cycling bike. You can get indoor cycling bikes in different price ranges, some as low as $200 while others are as high as $4000. It’s therefore imperative to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on your bike. The higher your budget, the more indoor bikes you’ll be able to select from. A reasonable budget guarantees you access to a bike with good features. 

What You Should Look for in an Indoor Cycling Bike

Going through the different models and brands of indoor bikes can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can check out the features an indoor cycling bike has while in the comfort of your room. You can also easily purchase them online. While selecting an indoor bike, look out for the following things.

Resistance levels

Every indoor cycling bike has either magnetic resistance or friction resistance. Bikes with magnetic resistance have a magnet positioned close to the flywheel, making it harder to push by slowing its momentum. Friction resistance involves having felt pads or cotton on top of or on either side of the flywheel. The felt pads or cotton push against the flywheel, making it harder to push.

To get the most out of your workout sessions, you want to get a bike with multiple resistance levels. Your indoor bike should offer a minimum of 16 resistance levels. More expensive models have more resistance levels and give you more challenging workout sessions. Bikes with more resistance levels ensure a smooth transition between intensity levels. 

Closeup of shoes on spin bicycle

Adjustable seat and handlebars

To have a great indoor cycling experience, you want to get a bike with an adjustable seat and handlebars. You should be able to adjust your seat’s fore and aft (up and down) positioning. Adjustable handlebars will help you achieve different body positions. If you intend to share your indoor cycling bike, adjustable handlebars and seats will help all users achieve the best fit.  

Heavy-duty flywheel

The flywheel, which is usually at the front of the bike, is another component you should look out for. A quality indoor cycling bike should have a heavy-duty flywheel which generally guarantees a smoother ride and feels like a real road bike. 

Heart rate sensors

Keeping track of your heart rate will help you monitor your fitness progress. Most people have a target heart rate, and to ensure you’re meeting your target, you should choose an indoor cycling bike with heart rate sensors.  

Other Things You Should Consider

When choosing an indoor cycling bike, you should consider the size of the bike. Most bikes do not take up much space, but if you’re a little short of space in your home, you may want to consider the bike’s dimensions. Some indoor bikes require less space than others.

Purchasing items online is sometimes risky. So, when buying expensive items, ensure you are well protected. You want to choose an indoor cycling bike with a money-back guarantee and an extensive warranty. A quality indoor cycling bike should have a one-year warranty on labor, a three-year warranty on the parts and electronics, and a lifetime warranty on the brakes and frame. 

Final Thoughts

Using an indoor cycling bike will help you build muscle and cardiovascular endurance. We hope this article assists you in choosing one that will serve you well.

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