Best Treadmills Under 500 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Treadmills offer the easiest way to build fitness in the comfort of your home. The good thing about these machines is that they are reliable all year round. Treadmills are easily accessible during busy schedules, bad weather, and pandemics. In addition, they offer workout schedules and entertainment to keep you motivated.

Gym equipment tends to cost a lot; however, today, we will review five effective and functional treadmills for under 500 dollars. All these options are lightweight and suitable for any home gym and you can move and store them to suit your needs and preferences. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what these treadmills have on offer.

Comparison Chart

41fkZV A4WL. SL500
XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill
41gEKUN3uuL. SL500
SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill – Easy Assembly Fitness Motorized Running Jogging Exercise Machine with Manual Incline Adjustment, 12 Preset Programs | SLFTRD20 Model
OMA Treadmills for Home 5108EB, Max 2.25 HP Folding Incline Treadmills for Running and Walking Jogging Exercise with 36 Preset Programs, Tracking Pulse, Calories – 2021 Updated Version
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline, Speakers, Bluetooth, LCD and Pulse Monitor, Phone Function, 240 LB Max Weight , grey
41HKHMGkC1L. SL500
Goplus 3HP Electric Folding Treadmill, with APP Control, Bluetooth Speaker and HD Touch Screen, Installation-Free, Compact Walking Jogging Running Machine for Home Office Use (Purple)

Best Treadmill Under 500 Reviews

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill

41fkZV A4WL. SL500

Are you looking for a treadmill that strikes the perfect balance between performance and quality? If yes, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment that will exceed your expectations. Furthermore, it is quiet and doesn’t distract from other activities in your home. This means you can have your kids watch television or play in the next room while you work out.


The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill is a top-rated machine with a spacious 16″ x 50″ belt that supports weights of up to 250 lbs. It also includes an XTRASoft cushioned deck technology to keep your joints safe during workouts. This treadmill has three levels of incline range and a weight limit of 250 lbs. In addition, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 has a padded deck that is comfortable on your joints and an emergency stop button for your safety.

The machine has a quiet and smooth high torque from its 2.25 HP motor power, ideal for indoor use. Its powerful motor produces enough power that runs the machine from 0 to 10 MPH. This treadmill allows you to control your workout intensity through the three levels of manual incline. You’ll love every bit of the machine, including the heavy gauge steel frame that makes it durable and impact-resistant.

You’ll adore the easy-to-read display with an intuitive interface that keeps a record of critical exercising stats such as time, speed, calories, distance, and preset speed buttons for direct and easy program updates. The treadmill has 12 preset programs with different variations promoting effective and engaging workouts. However, the distance and heart rate monitors are at times not that accurate.

Other features that make it ideal for your home gym are the built-in transport wheels and easy-to-pull knob. These elements make it effortless to move the treadmill to the desired area, and the knob allows you to unfold or fold it into a compact size.


  • Built to last, even with daily use
  • Cushioned deck technology
  • Spacious deck for easy running
  • Unfold able for convenient storage


  • The heart rate monitor may not be very accurate

SereneLife Electric Treadmill

41gEKUN3uuL. SL500

The SereneLife Smart Electric Folding treadmill is another ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who wish to avoid the inconvenience of going to the gym daily. This smart treadmill is a complete home trainer that makes it possible to achieve your dream body. There’s also no need to worry about space since it has a space-saving design for easy storage.


The SereneLife Electric treadmill has a recommended maximum user weight of 265 lbs. Its tread belt measures 39.37″ L X 15.74″ W. This machine supports speeds between 0.6 to 6.0 MPH and three inclination levels.

The smart and compact treadmill features an LCD with touch button controls that display helpful workout information like run time, speed, and calories burnt. Furthermore, it is programmed to calculate and present the user’s running data statistics and has handgrip sensors to help with the BPM pulse monitoring.

This machine has a “FitShow” app that allows it to connect to your device for a better user experience. The app makes everything interesting by allowing you to share important data and stats on various social media while challenging your friends.

The SereneLife Smart Electric Folding treadmill has a hassle-free motorized plug design and a convenient hydraulic folding style for easy set-up and storage. The machine is personalized to ensure you enjoy every run or jog. For instance, it has adjusters to set your desired incline levels and an in-built book tray and cup holder.

There are other safety features, such as an integrated safety key emergency power-off switch. It, however, lacks cushioned deck technology that minimizes injuries in case of an accident.


  • Connects to android, apple, iPhone, and tablet devices
  • Compact fitting in small spaces
  • Hassle-free motorized plug
  • Emergency power off button


  • Lacks cushioned deck technology

OMA 5108EB 1012EB Treadmills for Home

OMA Home Treadmills is a brand committed to producing high-quality and reliable treadmills for any home gym. They are the proud manufacturers of the OMA Treadmills for Home 1012EB, an updated machine with a quiet motor and easy to install.


The OMA Treadmills for Home 1012EB features a quiet DA-2.25HP high-performance motor that won’t disrupt other home activities. Its motor produces enough power to run the six-layer elastic cushion belt to speeds of 8.1 MPH. This 16.5″ wide running area has anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties to ensure knee safety. Below are other important specifications of the OMA treadmill to consider.

  • Material: ABS, steel pipe
  • Running area:16.5″ x 45.3″
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

There is a fast control handle with a start/stop button on the sides. The machine supports three manual incline positions by manually adjusting the pin to get different running intensities. It has a sturdy construction; it is made of high-quality commercial thickness steel for grit blasting and enhancing the machine’s durability.

You won’t need a fitness coach with the OMA Treadmills for Home 1012EB, which comes with 36 preset programs and three custom programs. These options allow you to choose a customized workout plan that fits your training levels.

Unlike other machines, it is easy to install the OMA Treadmills for Home 1012EB; it takes about 15 minutes. This machine comes 86% pre-installed, including the control panel. Your job is to secure six screws to have the machine running effectively. The OMA Treadmills for Home 1012E package also includes a belt lubricant and user manual to help you set up the machine effortlessly.

After installation, it is easy to fold and move to any corner of the room as it takes less space when folded. There is a triangular hydraulic support pole to assist you with this.


  • Quiet high-performance motor
  • Fast control handle
  • Easy fold and move
  • Quick and simple to install


  • The steel construction is not very sturdy when supporting heavy weights

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Treadmill

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart treadmill ensures you maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing quality workout sessions every time you go for a run or jog on the machine. Experienced fitness instructors carefully calibrate the device to offer the best and most customized experience.


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart treadmill features state-of-art technology to keep you engaged throughout your workout session. It has integrated speakers, a microphone, and MP3 connectivity that allows you to play music and receive calls. In addition to the excellent phone connectivity, there is a device holder to prop up your device and watch movies or workout videos.

A digital monitor is available where you can easily track your daily progress. Use the screen to choose any of the 12 workout programs programmed in the machine. It is also possible to monitor and maintain your heart rate through pulse sensors.

This machine has a shock absorption deck that ensures less leg impact force. The deck acts as cushioning, allowing you to work out longer and reduce fatigue. It also has a soft hydraulic mechanism that ensures hands-free unfolding every time. After working out, don’t forget to fold your Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart treadmill for convenient storage.


  • Phone connectivity
  • Emergency stop clip available
  • Shock-absorption deck
  • Foldable to easily store


  • Its motor produces noise that gets louder with increasing speed

Goplus Electric Treadmill

41HKHMGkC1L. SL500

Goplus, a professional and trusted treadmill seller, presents you with the Goplus 3HP Electric folding treadmill, a machine designed to satisfy the customer trends in the market. This compact treadmill is ideal for building up bodies and getting into irresistible shape. It offers a spacious running area and various running modes to try at suitable speeds.


Let’s begin the review with the powerful and quiet 3.0 HP motor that allows you to take a run or walk without disturbing others. On the outside is the premium steel structure with anti-shock abilities. It is sturdy enough to support weights of up to 243 lbs. The five-layer running spacious belt is shock-absorbing, has anti-skip properties, and measures 48.5″ L X 16.7″ W.

Goplus 3HP Electric folding treadmill supports a fitness App control through Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your phone to the treadmill. The Gymax app easily tracks your fitness data and provides a detailed analysis of your progress.

This machine features automatic and manual speed settings that quickly switch between two preset speeds: 3MPH and 5MPH. It is also easy to adjust speed settings through the -/+ buttons and you can choose one that matches your sporting needs.

There’s more! The treadmill has an HD Digital display that helps you track your steps by keeping records of time, speed, distance, and calories. This high-definition touch screen gives all these statistics in real-time.

Finally, it is a foldable and moveable machine that you can easily fold using the side knobs. The Goplus 3HP Electric folding treadmill guarantees your maximum safety at all times, thanks to the safety key that shuts the machine down during emergencies.


  • Automatic and manual speed settings
  • Quiet HP motor
  • Fitted with a fitness app
  • Foldable and moveable


  • The product manual doesn’t include more information about the Gymax app

Final Verdict

Exercising has become an essential part of our lives, and we want you to enjoy all the fun in your home gym. This review highlights the options for the best treadmill under 500 dollars. They are all designed to keep you fit and track your progress. As much as they have different specifications, they are reliable workout machines that can be easily stored, provide excellent feedback, and mostly run quietly. You cannot go wrong with these top picks that will let you enjoy uninterrupted working-out sessions and accomplish your fitness goals.

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