Are Recumbent Bikes Good for Weight Loss

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As far as weight loss is concerned, the process is not easy or quick. Unfortunately, the number of diets and fads claiming to help you lose weight in weeks is endless.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what diet you try or what exercise you do. It’s all about how many calories you take in compared to how many you burn off.

As a result, you must expend more calories than you consume in a day. There is a minimal amount of calories burned while riding a recumbent bike. Nevertheless, you can lose weight or burn calories with a recumbent bike. Consistency is a key factor in weight loss. If recumbent bikes are the exercise of choice for you, you’re on the right track. But let’s take a look at what they mean for weight loss.

Burning off Those Calories

Recumbent bikes are effective aerobic exercises that burn calories. You can burn more calories while working out on a recumbent bike if you set the course to include several hills. The more resistance you apply to your pedals, or the faster you pedal, the more calories you burn. Weight also affects your calorie burn. Cycling for 30 minutes burns 190 calories for someone weighing 120 pounds, as opposed to 286 calories burned by a 180-pound person.

You should engage in aerobic activity for 30 to 60 minutes, five days a week. You may need to exercise for 60 minutes or more a day to lose weight. It can help to keep a diary of how long you rode and how many calories you burn each time. This, combined with a diary of your calorie intake, makes it easier to track. Ensure you are burning more than you are eating.

Will I Be Able To Tone My Legs?

Great question. Sure! Just like other cycling activities, you can get toned legs. As with all cycling activities, recumbent bikes work the legs too. Due to the backrest and position of the seat, the recumbent bike does not use the upper body like an upright bike. As a result, this is a less effective workout than a full-body workout, regardless of how easy it is to ride.

A recumbent bike can sculpt beautiful, muscular lower body muscles and tone legs exceptionally well.

The glutes are also worked much more intensively on the recumbent bike than on an upright bike. You push through the heels more because of the seat and pedal angle, which causes your glutes to recruit more muscle and become stronger and toned.

People with sciatica can also benefit from recumbent bikes. It is important to have strong glutes so your back is protected and your torso is stable. As a result, sciatica pain is alleviated.

woman using recumbent bike

Work The Core Using The Recumbent Bike

Many people have trouble losing weight around their stomachs. So one question everyone asks is, can I use a recumbent bike to gain abs?

It’s possible. It definitely works the core, particularly if you remember this and keep the core engaged while riding the bike. Changing your seat can also improve how much your core is used.

It is easier for the legs to pedal if the seat is closer to the pedals. However, you will be forced to engage your core to assist in the motion.

If you want a six-pack, a recumbent bike won’t help you achieve that goal. The benefits of this exercise include losing weight and body fat. Still, you should also include resistance and isolated ab training for a more defined core.

How Do I Use A Recumbent Bike Properly For Exercise?

Before using the recumbent bike, stretch your lower body for five minutes. When your leg is on the backside of the crank, slide the seat so your knees are slightly bent. Warm up your muscles and body to prepare for the workout. Stay upright; avoid leaning forward. Any new exercise program should be discussed with a physician.

Not only do you need to use the bike consistently with the right exercise, but diet is also important. There is no point burning calories on the bike if you eat donuts and biscuits as soon as you finish. A healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit combined with exercise is the best way to lose weight.


Losing weight is all up to you. In spite of its reputation as a low-calorie machine, a recumbent bike can burn calories if you push it hard enough. A person’s ability to lose weight is determined mainly by willpower and effort.

Your weight loss journey can be aided by a recumbent bike if you are willing to put in the work. The decision to use this piece of equipment for weight loss lies with you, as you need to assess its pros and cons. Give it a go and see if it is a good fit for you.

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